Wondering what home improvement yields you the highest rate of return?  It’s not one you might expect and it certainly is not first noticed.  Attic Insulation!  That’s right, a basic item that produces returns in a few ways.  Energy savings from attic insulation can be noticed almost immediately, it can save in both heating and cooling expenses.  The other benefit is when selling your home.  A new buyer may even ask for utility bills that will help support your efforts.  There are several ways to go about insulating the space, but each is dependent on the configuration of the area.  Ventilation and air flow are important considerations.


There is one great program in Massachusetts that is supported by the utility companies and state funding.  Mass Save can provide energy audits and rebates towards energy saving improvements.  They can even help with a rebate of up to $100 on programmable wi-fi thermostats.  Insulation work rebates will cover 75% of the costs up to $1500 a year (current program, but varies with funding and timing).  Work must be completed after an energy audit and by a approved contractor.  Approved companies, like Green Bean Energy out of Dorchester, can perform both services to streamline the process, and will seek the rebate directly as well saving you upfront costs.  The energy audit will currently result in several free items as well, things like LED bulbs and smart power strips for electronics.

Learn More About MassSave [CLICK HERE]

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