Home Buyer Incentives

Do’s and Don’ts of Homebuyer Incentives By: G. M. Filisko Homebuyer incentives can be smart marketing or a waste of money. Find out when and how to use them. Be sure you’re sending the right message to buyers when you throw in a homebuyer incentive to encourage them to purchase your home. When you’re selling […]

Understanding Closing Costs

Purchasing a new home is a big undertaking. There are a lot of players and a lot of moving parts. Obviously, home buyers want to be aware of all of the costs that can be expected along the way. Beyond obtaining a mortgage, there are some additional fees associated with buying a home and particularly […]

What is Portfolio Lending?

The term “portfolio” doesn’t mean anything inferior. It’s not where bad people go to get a home loan. It simply means that the portfolio lending institution doesn’t plan to sell your loan to anyone else, and instead intends to make money every month from the interest you pay. The lender keeps your loan in their […]

9 Ways to Help Sell Your Home in the Winter

Here are nine ways to prepare and stage your home for success, and create a warm and welcoming vision for buyers, even when the weather outside is frightful. Have a cozy, crackling fire (or not). If you have a gas fireplace or new clean-burning woodstove, go ahead and light a fire to welcome visitors. But […]

What to do ASAP as a New Homeowner

What to Do ASAP as a New Homeowner If you’re serious about developing good habits, you need this worksheet. It’s finally yours. Your very own home. You can paint the walls whatever you like. Heck, even knock out a wall! There’s no landlord to fight you.   But if you’re serious about developing good homeowner […]

7 Steps to Take Before You Buy a Home

By: G. M. Filisko By doing your homework before you buy, you’ll feel more content about your new home. Most potential homebuyers are a smidge daunted by the fact that they’re about to agree to a hefty mortgage that they’ll be paying for the next few decades. The best way to relieve that anxiety is […]

Open House and Showing Etiquette

Is It OK to Use the Bathroom When You’re Touring a House? And 4 other questions you’re afraid to ask. It’s a marathon house-hunting day. As you check out listing No. 5’s brand new windows, it suddenly hits you: “Oh man, I have to go to the bathroom.” Should you, or shouldn’t you? Navigating do’s […]

Buying a Home in the Winter a Cool Idea?

Buying a Home in the Middle of Winter Was the Worst Thing I Ever Did—And I’d Do It Again Where I live in Boston, housing isn’t just challenging—it’s borderline impossible. There’s just not a lot of space to build new units, and much of what’s available are high-end, luxury apartments. I’d call it a bubble, but […]

Making the Decision to Buy a New Home

By Jason Bonarrigo, Mortgage Banker, RMS Mortgage, Braintree, MA Buying a home is one of the soundest financial investments you can make. Beyond accruing equity through the years, home ownership is the realization of the American dream. If you are already a homeowner, you probably remember the excitement of buying your first starter home. Perhaps […]

Do You Buy or Sell First?

Homeowners who decide they’re ready to become move-up buyers face a chicken-or-egg dilemma: Should they sell their current home first and then buy another, or buy a new one and then sell? The answer depends on several factors, including your local market conditions, your financing options and your feelings about potentially moving twice if you […]