Area: Orange St to Westbourne St

Period: 12/10/2019 to 12/10/2020

Market Insight:

The Roslindale neighborhood bordering the West Roxbury Parkway set a nice pace over the last year.  Our office listed two new construction Townhouses and a brand new single family home on Orange Street and a new conversion of a 4 unit building on Roslindale Avenue.  The neighborhood saw an increase in sales over the 2019 calendar year, nearly doubling the volume.

Highest Price Sale: $1,168,000                

Average Sales Prices      Single Family: $830,683              

                                           Condominium: $602,250

                                           Multi-Family: $929,000

Last 10 Sales: 12/10/2020

294 Cornell Street$655,000
171 Orange St U:171$510,000
43 Leniston St$889,000
136 Orange St$1,168,000
222 Roslindale Ave U:1$495,000
302 Beech St$687,600
198 Orange Street$1,135,000
209 Beech Street$880,000
44 Eastbourne Street$955,000
160 Orange St$635,000
237R Beech St$755,000
Provided by

Kris MacDonald