Market Report

Area:  LaGrange Street – West Roxbury

Period: 12/15/2019 to 12/15/2020

Market Insight: The neighborhood is made up of single family, multi-family and condominiums.  The street itself was very active this year, I was personally involved in 8 of the 14 sales and also live on the street myself.  The average days until offer on single families homes was just 12 days, with condominium and multi-families still under 20 days.  516 Lagrange St was the highest price sale on the street, and was a renovation of a classic Colonial home typical for the area.



Highest Price Sale:  $896,000                     

Average Sales Prices      Single Family:   $659,750

                                           Condominium: $596,940

                                           Multi-Family:    $799,900

Sales History

499 Lagrange Street$549,000
713 Lagrange St$571,000
722 Lagrange St.$575,000
148 Lagrange$628,000
541 Lagrange St$660,000
660 LaGrange St$700,000
506 Lagrange Street$790,000
516 Lagrange Street$896,000
841 Lagrange St U:1$525,000
845 Lagrange St U:4$535,000
470 Lagrange St U:2$537,000
1400 Lagrange Street U:1400$655,000
935 Lagrange St U:935$715,000
145 Lagrange St$790,000
Provided by

Lisa Sullivan