Metro West

This area runs along the Massachusetts Turnpike and includes communities like Wellesley all the way out to Natick and Framingham.  With Route 9 running that same path west, there are plenty of shopping venues and dining options along the way.   The Natick Collection is a great place to indulge in the brands you love!  Ken’s steakhouse is famous for it’s salad dressing but also a nice family friendly eatery.

What you will also find in the Metro West area is varied housing options, condos and single family homes that range from starter bungalows to new construction McMansions and antique estates.  The start of this trip westward is an area often referred to as the W and N towns known for their schools and high desirability, places like Newton, Weston, Needham and Wellesley.



Parks and Recreation




Dining and Shopping