Here is a run down of the documents that you will need when beginning the mortgage process.  There may be others that come up, but this is a good starting point.


Purchase Transactions

  • Fully Executed Offer to Purchase and all Addendums
  • Fully Executed Purchase and Sales Agreement and all Addendums
  • Cancelled Checks for all Deposits Made on Property at time of Offer and P&S


Income Documents

  • Most Recent Paystubs that Chronicle 30 Day History and Show Year to Date Figures.
  • W2 Forms for Last 2 Years
  • 1099’s for Last 2 Years (if applicable)
  • Award Letter from Social Security for Current Benefits (if applicable)
  • Divorce Decree (if applicable, required if using income to qualify or if spousal support is paid)
  • Evidence of Child Support Received 12 Month History (if applicable)
  • Signed Tax Returns for Last 2 Years all Schedules (if rental income present or self employed)
  • Year to Date Profit & Loss Statement (if self employed)
  • Lease or Tenant at Will Agreements for All Rental Income



  • Last 2 Months of Bank Statements on All Accounts (all pages, including blanks or balance worksheet)
  • Most Recent Retirement Account Statement (if applicable)
  • Gift Letter (if applicable it will be provided to be completed by relevant parties)


Letters of Explanation

These are typically required for any credit inquiries, including the one for this application.  I will review your report with you and assist you with the items noted below.

  • Brief Statement Explaining Recent Credit Inquiries and if they Resulted in New Debt
  • Derogatory Credit Explained (if applicable)
  • Gaps in Employment


Personal Information

  • Copies of License or Passport
  • Copies of Resident Alien Card (if applicable)


Departing From Rental

  • Landlords Name and Address
  • Copies of Cancelled Rent Checks Front and Back for Previous 12 Months


Departing From Owned Property

  • Fully Executed Purchase and Sales Agreement on Current Residence
  • HUD Statement from Settlement of Current Residence (if applicable, this will be required prior to funding and may not be available until just prior to closing)


Copy of Lease Agreement, Security Deposit, First/Last Months Checks if Converting to Rental (Departure Residences Require 35% Equity to Allow for Rental Income to be Allowed in Calculations.  An Appraisal Will be Required on Departure Residence to Verify Equity)