Buying a Home

Why Buy With Insight?

The answer is simple: We know our markets, we are all expert negotiators, and we can make your next move simple too!

Our team views a home from a different perspective at showings. We look at the condition closely with an experienced set of eyes, we compare it to comparable sales as we view the features, and we make sure our buyers are informed and prepared. We understand the inner workings of a transaction and share information within our team as a collaborative effort. You may have one team member by your side throughout, but there is a whole team behind them ready to share their perspective.


What is a preapproval and how is it different from a prequalification? A prequalification isn’t as strong as a preapproval because it lacks the extra steps of verification that come with a preapproval.

Meeting with a mortgage broker or banker and establishing what you qualify for is the first step in the homebuying process. You’ll need to know how much you and what types of loans you qualify for.

First-Time Buyers

There is something special about assisting a first time buyer that is very rewarding for the experienced agent. Being part of the start of a new chapter in someone’s life is a compliment to our trusted relationships. You can trust our team to fully explain the nuances of each transaction and guide you with a perfect balance of nurturing advice.

Escrow and Closing Costs

What is escrow? Escrow is a term you often hear on HGTV, but it isn’t as often used in the Massachusetts market, we simply refer to it as under agreement or under contract. No matter the term it is used to describe a commitment to purchasing a particular property secured with a binding document and deposit.

What are closing costs and how much are they? The best way to describe the phrase closing costs is any payments you’ll need to make as part of the process that do not actually go towards payment of the house. This could be mortgage points, appraisal fees, or even funding fees for some mortgage products. Closing costs are different from Pre-Paid items, another term you will hear and need to know about. Pre-paid items are things like taxes, property insurance or condo fees.

Empty Nesters/Seniors/Downsizers

Are you looking to stay in the area but don’t want the challenge of the stairs or the upkeep of a large yard? Looking to get closer to the city and leave the suburban school system you no longer need to pay for with higher taxes? Our office is pivotal in several new and upcoming developments that could fit your new chapter perfectly. We also understand the changing needs and requirements of this demographic and have worked with builders to help satisfy the needs.

Home Warranty

Most homes are sold in Massachusetts in “as-is” condition and noting it in the MLS listing has little effect. Buyer’s are encouraged to do a home inspection if appropriate and understand the condition of the home from an outside professional. Home Warranties are available from companies such as American Home Shield. They cover some items of a home and often have deductibles. These can be tricky to navigate in an emergency situation. Know the procedures for claims and coverage are important to review prior to needing assistance, and known pre-existing conditions may not be covered. Many home buyers have a sense of what will need to be addressed during the home inspection and can plan accordingly, making a warranty an additional expense that may have limited return.

Moving Day

In the days leading up to the closing a team member will be there to ensure you are thoroughly prepared: utility transfers, moving company referrals, paperwork guidance and more. Moving day isn’t the end of a relationship with one of our team members either. We become your reference point moving forward: we can help guide your future renovations with a thoughtful eye on resale and future marketability or just share what we have seen in other homes that could work well for you.