Marketing Your Home

It’s certainly more than a yard sign and an open house to sell a home! Especially when obtaining the best possible terms for the seller.  We fully understand that.  If you find an agent that suggests they can sell your home in a weekend, they are either selling themselves short or not taking all the steps that should be done before that first weekend.  We formulate a strategy that works for the market timing of your listing, buyer activity and proper exposure.  This truly varies on every home, and a “one size fits all” approach is not the answer.  We have worked with seller as early as a year in advance or with as little as 7 days.  Circumstances are also individual, and must be approached that way as well.  One of the best things an agent can do is listen!


New construction or occupied home, how it is presented makes a  large impact.  Images online and presentation in person is used to show people space and invoke a lifestyle feel.  Staging can be a simple as removing clutter and  personal items.   It may also be more intensive with new items brought in to “back fill” or completely fill a home.  Our office has a well balanced inventory and many of our listings receive complimentary services.


You probably have been looking at homes on the internet as well, its where every buyer starts their search these days.  Over the last 15 years it has become the dominant way to expose a property.  We make sure we do it right with everything from the photography to the sites it appears.  We don’t have any corporate disputes or conflicts to keep it from appearing on every site possible.

Professional Photos

Your showing starts online !  Today every buyer starts their search on the internet with sites like Zillow, Trulia and  The photographs are your first impression and you chance to grab the attention of a potential buyers.  Our office uses some of the best practices to showcase our listings.  High quality images taken with professional grade equipment (not cell phones) are processed and adjusted individually before being uploaded.  This is done in house, so a return visit is often easily arranged at prep work is completed.


We have been active advertisers in several places and have captured details on buyers that may be a match for your home.  We will target them in direct campaigns.  We also conduct campaigns to the brokerage community that may have buyers as well.

Virtual Tour & Video

We can highlight your property with walk through or slideshow videos.  We use the latest technologies.  When it comes to virtual tours, we take it to a new level with the most immersive experience in real estate, the Matterport camera.  Offering Google Streetview like tours of properties, this in house service ensures the fastest turn around.  We also have the in house ability to produce video.  Our Osmo camera produces professional grade videos with 3 axis gimbal.  Don’t know what stuff means?  You don’t have to, our team leader understands all of this stuff.  If you are curious, the gimbal allows the camera to float while capturing stunning 4K video with none of that shaky camera movement of a Blair Witch video.  We also have the ability to capture 360 images that allow a buyer to pan around a room, zoom in and experience the home with a “virtual showing”.  These are uploaded to several sites.  Our office is the only local office that can offer the Matterport and many other technologies in-house.  We pride ourselves on our quick turn around of exceptional marketing pieces.

Print Media

Yes, we still use some “old school” methods.  We utilize the local paper, The Bulletin, and distribute to the large Boston audience through their network.  We also use targeted outlets when appropriate.  You will also find use using the good old postcard with mailing to neighborhoods.  Often times your neighbors have friends that want to be part of the community.


This is a given for most agents, but it still needs to be stated that we make the most of this service.  The impression of the photographs, any documents, and full listing data is key to the success on MLS.  The MLS feeds multiple websites with the “IDX Exchange” and getting it right in one spot ensures it is distributed properly.

Open Houses & Broker Caravan

Our office understands that making sure your home is available to be seen by the brokerage community and the public is important.  Once we have captured their attention on the internet, we need to continue that interest.  We will often base our open houses on demand, and shift times to accommodate.  Things like a Patriots Game can have an impact.  When it comes to the brokerage community, our office organizes the local broker caravan and participates whenever possible