What is a Matterport?

Insight Realty Group is the only Parkway office using Matterport 3D virtual tours to showcase our listings as part of our detailed marketing plan.  If you are unfamiliar, this new technology allows users to experience an immersive view of a space that goes much further than a floor plan or traditional virtual tour.  The special camera allows for a seamless walkthrough of a space to really paint the picture for perspective buyers.

Why is it better than a regular virtual tour?

With this technology, perspective buyers are able to really experience the home from top to bottom.  Buyers now can navigate through your home and “look around” to get perspective from the floor to ceiling.  They can also get an idea of the size of a space and how their furniture, art, etc may work within it.  Traditional virtual tours from the 90’s were more like a PowerPoint presentation that did not offer this amount of detail or perspective.

How does it help sellers?

With the ever-competitive market that we are in, we see more and more buyers starting their home searches online.  Serious buyers know what they are seeking and don’t want to waste time looking at listings that are not a match.  Presenting your home in the best manner possible online ensures that you get more potential buyers in the door and more potential offers on the table.

Multiple Platforms

Unlike some virtual tours, Matterport not only works on mobile, tablets and desktops but also VR gear for a truly immersive experience.  While its not common place to have an Oculus Rift showing, we like to stay ahead of the competition in every way!