Seller Essential Services

We are the key to making sure that your property closes once we find a buyer. We will guide the entire process, from offer to closing table. We respect the confidence you have placed in our firm and we will do everything we can to make the transaction as carefree as possible. We understand the standard practices and handle these details on a regular basis.


Offer to Purchase

All offers to purchase will be in writing, accompanied by a binder check and presented to you, the seller, in person. On your behalf, we will negotiate with the customer in regard to price, terms and timing. We will review with you the market analysis on your property to help you decided on a fair selling price, and update you in regard to any recent comparable sales.

Home Inspection

As your listing broker, we will be present at the home inspection to answer the inspector’s questions in regard to age of systems, roof, appliances, etc…

Purchase and Sale Agreement

We strongly recommend having your attorney review the Purchase and Sale agreement on your home. We will arrange for the buyers to sign the agreement first and place the remainder of the deposit money in our escrow account.


Once bank financing has commenced, the bank will send out an appraiser to determine the value of the property. We will make arrangements to accompany the appraiser and provide him/her with all pertinent information on the property and a list of recent comparable sales to substantiate the selling price of your home.

Fire Department Inspection

We will make arrangements with the fire department for an inspection and certification of smoke detectors required by the State of Massachusetts. This certificate must be presented at closing.

Final Water Reading/6D Certificate

We will arrange with the water department for a final water bill to be paid by you typically out of the closing proceeds. In the case of a condominium We will arrange for a 6D certificate showing all condo fees paid up-to-date.

The Closing

Usually the closing will be arranged by the attorneys involved. We will notify all parties as to when and where the closing will take place. We will also arrange any other small adjustments in regard to the sale. Once the new deed is placed “on record” at the registry of deeds, your proceeds will be released to you.