First impression is everything! That first impression can even start online before they ever showed up to see inside. Our team can assist in making sure the first impression gets you the proper attention. Compare this before and after below of a staged vs unstaged. This is also a great illustration of why putting a property on too soon can harm new construction.


Sometimes all it takes is the littlest of changes: rearrange a few pieces, swap out some others.  When you can take a step back and envision how the home will photograph best, how people can walk through the space the easiest and most importantly see themselves living in the space.  Staging helps present a lifestyle glimpse!

A Blank Canvas

Sometimes we find a blank canvas can be easier to work with, and sometimes that blank canvas can make defining spaces impossible.

This image is a perfect example of needing to define spaces within a large open concept floorplan.

Show the Real Size

We are also great at making a large space feel like a large space, but still feeling intimate.

This home was vacant and the living space needed to show just how big furniture would fit and everyone sitting together still felt together.

Making New Feel Comfortable.

New construction can feel a bit cold and impersonal.  Crafting a space that feels welcoming and comfortable can require furniture to make it feel more like a home.  It also help envision how certain spaces could be used.

Making Small Feel Grand

This little 400 sq ft loft space had grand windows and a tiny footprint.  Showing someone how to use the space can help.  This particular condo spent less than 1 day on the market and sold for above list price, and we were asked to sell the furnishing as well.

Modern Open Spaces

Angles and open spaces can present challenges for the eye of a prospective buyer.  Putting those spaces into perspective can make all the difference.


Our team has the ability to recognize how to feature a home and keep the eye attracted while browsing homes online.  We may make last minute decisions to change items, even after the photographs have been taken if we feel like it will make a noticeable difference